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Ungating Amazon – Our DIY Guide for Amazon Sellers

In this video, Scott holds nothing back as he walks the Startupbros through the process of ungating Amazon! For those of you unfamiliar with the term ungating: that is the term that refers to the opening of an Amazon Seller account up to selling products in a new category. About this video: Many of the basic questions about ungating Amazon accounts are answered in this video, where sellers can learn a lot of the DIY steps in the process. No info is held back! This video, along with the FREE handout provided by ecomsellertools, will allow sellers to accomplish quote a bit on their own. The handout includes tips for sourcing that you can apply to uncaring as well as wholesale purchases. About the FREE handout: To receive the handout referenced in this video, plus MUCH MORE useful and free info, sign up for the ecomsellertools email list in the footer of this site, and we will provide instant access. If you still need help with your Amazon account, ecomsellertools would be happy to help. We can even review your invoices to make sure you’ve got the right documentation for ungating Amazon. About ecomsellertools: Scott Margolius offers consulting services for Amazon sellers via his website ecomsellertools.com, equipping sellers with the info they need to get their Seller Accounts ungated and brand registered, keep their accounts healthy and optimizing accounts and products to maximize Amazon sales.