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My name is Scott Margolius. I founded ecomsellertools in 2014 with a simple goal: to use my expertise in commerce to help others succeed. We have a 98% success rate with appeals, and have helped dozens of companies just like yours reach new revenue heights. Today, we are more committed than ever to guiding you through the unique challenges (and opportunities) of the current Amazon landscape.

Protection + Strategy = Growth

ecomsellertools offers Amazon consulting to both protect the health of your account, AND set you up for growth and success.

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we have helped sellers with nearly every imaginable challenge:

Scott Maintained Excellent Communication with me and felt like I was in good hands during the entire suspension period. Not only did my suspension get lifted, but there was never a moment where I felt stressed throughout the entire process. If you are looking for company who under promises and over-delivers, Ecomsellertools is the one. I will never hire anyone else to help me with Amazon Account health concerns.

Kyle, Korea

Scott Helped me not only remove the negative feedback as quickly as possible, but also explained how to manage my account properly. What his company offers is something I haven’t encountered in all my time selling on Amazon: actual care for my business. I came to him with a problem. I left with a much better understanding of how to run a successful commerce company as a whole. My sales have increased dramatically since I worked with Scott, and he is now a valuable member of my team.

Quincy, CA

I reached out to Scott because I had received a threat of suspension from Amazon. I needed a Plan of Action in order to keep my account active. What I received from Scott and his team was not only a POA that was accepted, but I also received a first-rate education on how to succeed long-term. Scott is both a coach and an Account Health Doctor. The advice he offers is invaluable. He can teach how to avoid Seller Performance AND reach new levels of profits. I am living proof!

Andrew, CA

I had a situation where Amazon removed my listing and told me I could no longer list for a specific ASIN.  It was due to a customer complaint.  Scott helped me craft a response to the actual customer (which worked to get the negative removed).  THEN, he helped me appeal the decision and get reinstated to sell under that listing.  I was sweating bullets because I had a LOT invested in that one sku.  I was back in action in short order.  WELL worth reaching out to Scott for help! 

Wade, NJ

I initially hired Scott with the confidence that I would get a full refund if he didn’t get the negative feedback removed and/or if I was unsatisfied for any reason. I swore he was a psychology major (turns out he’s not) because he is well-versed in how those angry customers think and how to appeal to their emotions. Scott will walk you through step by step to help you get a negative feedback removed. I’ve also sent some of my followers and clients to Scott when they didn’t know where else to turn. They reported back very positive experiences.

Jordan, NY

Having an ASIN suppressed can be difficult, but having an ASIN suppressed during the launch of a new product can be devastating to a small business that has invested heavily in the launch process. Anyone that sells on Amazon will run into a listing suppression at some point. Having Scott on your team is critical to your success. He was able research the issue, gather all pertinent information, & write a plan of action that had the ASIN reinstated within 24 hours.

Joshua, CA

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