About EcomSellerTools

I began my career on Capitol Hill after earning my Bachelor of Science degree in political communication. I ended up becoming the COO for a marketing company, a role I stayed in for 15 years. During that time, I also served as a City Commissioner. Whether it was politics or marketing, I learned that what I really love to do is solve problems. My success has always been tied to a systematic approach. That has helped me identify pain points, as well as strategize how to fix them.

I began selling on eBay part time in 2000, and spent many years honing my skills before jumping into the Amazon universe in 2012. I reached the top 25% of Amazon sellers in Q4 of that same year, and hit the top 25% again in 2013. In 2014, I made the top 10%, and I still maintain my Top-Rated account on eBay to this day.

As I developed as a seller, I became passionate about helping others succeed. I also wanted to help them learn from my mistakes. Ecomsellertools was born with these thoughts in mind.

My company has brought tangible results to every type of entity in the ecommerce landscape. To date, I have helped hundreds of sellers with both account health issues as well as big-picture strategizing to grow their businesses. I have a 98% success rate with appeals. I have helped companies of all sizes reach their sales goals, from those in the top 500 on Amazon to those who are just starting their ecommmerce journeys. I have a track record of introducing established brands as well as new, private label products to the AMZ marketplace.

Ecomsellertools offers customized consulting for nearly every imaginable scenario, and under our direction, we have watched nearly every single client succeed because WE KNOW THE AMAZON GAME. Whether you are an individual seller, large company, digital marketing agency, broker, brand, or manufacturer, my team of Amazon experts and I can handle EVERY solution.