we have helped sellers with nearly every imaginable challenge:

After being suspended by Amazon, we contacted Scott through a referral from a respected source.  Scott quickly scheduled a phone discussion to assess the causes of our problem with Amazon.  An appeal letter was crafted the following day, addressing each of the specific reasons for our suspension and detailing proposed corrective steps.  Best of all, we were reinstated two days after submitting our plan to Seller Performance.  Thanks a million to Scott for assisting us in saving our business.

Jerry, Texas

I can’t thank you enough!  Sometimes you need an expert. Scott is that expert. He responded so quickly and was able to bring my account back in good standing. I got negative feedback removed that was placing my business in jeopardy. I am forever grateful to him. He is so attentive and listens with an innate clarity that is quite impressive. Scott’s fees are quite reasonable for the invaluable service he provides. The amount of service and insight he provided far outweighed the cost. He is worth his weight in gold. He gave me peace of mind. To me, that is priceless. Thank you again, Scott

Robin, Minnesota

I HIGHLY recommend Scott. He was able to get all of the negative feedbacks removed from our account in less than 24 hours. As he said himself, we had some tough ones. I am more than impressed, dumbfounded actually. I would have been happy to get some or most of them removed, but he got them ALL removed. He far exceeded my expectations – it was painless and by far one of the best investments of money since beginning our business. I won’t hesitate to use him again – but hopefully we won’t have to!

K.D., Maine

I’ve put hours and hours into researching what causes suspension on Amazon as well as learning what can be done to prevent account issues. I ended up spending 2 hours on the phone with Scott picking his brain and I can honestly say this was by far the best the use of time in regards to account protection that I’ve spent. I was blown away by all of the information that Scott shared but more importantly he gave me actionable tips that I plan to teach my VA. Once I teach my VA how to implement everything Scott shared with me I should be able to save myself hours per week and spend the time doing something more beneficial to grow my business. I wish I used Scotts feedback removal service and picked his brain much sooner, it would have saved me a ton of time and anguish.

Brian, Pennsylvania

A friend recommended Scott as I had two fresh ‘not as described’ going into Q4.  We operate a pristine business and they were both untrue.  My sales were definitely affected–as soon as they came in, they dropped by 50%.  I purchased a feedback repair and Scott was immediately responsive, and he submitted fixes right away.  Then he found a third from some time ago that I hadn’t really paid attention to and fixed it right there while we were talking. He explained how that one was actually a bigger problem than the one I had brought to him.  The next day I woke up and we had our best sales day EVER, and I looked and sure enough both of those feedbacks had been removed.  Everyone is so surprised when I say our sales were affected so deeply and immediately but they were– both negatively and positively.  All I can say is– some of the best money I’ve spent this year.   I also feel really comforted knowing this service exists now and that I can immediately get a really nice person to give knowledgeable help when we need it.

Marie, Tennessee

Just wanted to say thanks for your help today. Was really feeling a bit discouraged after a few days of working through some feedback type issues. So it really felt good to make some progress and get the feedback regarding “item not as described” removed. I also followed your advice regarding removing the listings for products with poor performance. No sense selling items that increase the likelihood of negative feedback. I know that after getting the “neutral” feedback my sales took a bit of a hit, so hopefully with the feedback removed things will begin to improve. Once again Scott, thanks for spending so much time with me today. I appreciate everything you did.

Terry, Missouri

I had a situation where Amazon removed my listing and told me I could no longer list for a specific ASIN.  It was due to a customer complaint.  Scott helped me craft a response to the actual customer (which worked to get the negative removed).  THEN, he helped me appeal the decision and get reinstated to sell under that listing.  I was sweating bullets because I had a LOT invested in that one sku.  I was back in action in short order.  WELL worth reaching out to Scott for help!

Wade, New Jersey

I feel very lucky to find Scott’s listing to ‘remove negative feedbacks.’ Out of curiosity I contacted him but didn’t know what he could possibly do, since I have been on selling online for 18 years, but he responded right away. We shared my screen, he responded and all was resolved. Then I gave him another one, and he resolved that situation as well. Not only have I referred Scott to others, but I’ve sought him out to resolve other account issues for which we’ve collaborated. Scott is ethical and honest.

Bob, California

Unbelievable!  Amazon removed BOTH negative feedbacks OMG!  The one they said, “Buyer has left the feedback as a product review hence, I removed it.”  Both gone and I’m 100% again = WHEW!!!  I owe you for the second one so let me know what I need to do for payment and I will do it.  You really helped me and I’m so grateful.  I fully support the quality work you offer and I’m honored to have your assistance!!  Thanks Scott!

Laura, Georgia

I initially hired Scott with the confidence that I would get a full refund if he didn’t get the negative feedback removed and/or if I was unsatisfied for any reason. I swore he was a psychology major (turns out he’s not) because he is well-versed in how those angry customers think and how to appeal to their emotions. Scott will walk you through step by step to help you get a negative feedback removed. I’ve also sent some of my followers and clients to Scott when they didn’t know where else to turn. They reported back very positive experiences.

Jordan, New York

I had a crazy-obscure FBA issue where the inbound shipping team mis-identified my shipment and sent me a photo of a pallet of merchandise that wasn’t even mine and sent me a scary performance notification.  Scott helped me get this situation fixed and I was back on track within a day.  He even got me a reimbursement for the Unplanned Prep Services fees incorrectly incurred.

Steve, New York

Contacted Scott when I made a huge mistake and got a negative feedback from a customer. I was about to lose my Amazon seller privileges with just a few more neg feedback because of high ODR. That’s when Scott helped me not only to remove the negative feedback as quickly as possible but also explained how to manage my account properly so I can prevent any further problems. After sending a request in a proper way, the negative feedback was removed less than 5 minutes. I highly recommend his service!!

Kyle, Korea

I’m happy with the outcome. Thanks for your expert guidance. Really appreciate your service. I may be calling you again soon (although I hope i won’t have to!).


Professionally done. Completed promptly.

Kevin, California

Scott listened carefully to the details of my case and helped me craft an appeal specific to my circumstances. The result? The issue was resolved. Well worth the cost of the service.


I can’t say enough about the amazing service I just received. As a relatively new seller, I was hit hard by two negative feedbacks which they were able to resolve immediately. I found them to be very genuine, attentive and helpful beyond anything that I expected. A very smooth job. Thanks!

Suzanne, Delaware

My husband and I really appreciate you making time for us today. We are so blessed to know that you can be counted on to help us with our business concerns. Your stellar service us is absolutely priceless! Have a great weekend!

Cindy, California

We hired Scott to have some old historical negative feedback removed which was affecting our lifetime score. He was terrific and got all the negative feedback removed and now our lifetime score is at 100%. This is a great service and we would definitely use Scott again.

Lucy, U.K.

That was a great coaching call, I learned so much. Thank you for the Strategy Document! Next step is on me. Thanks for all the time you took to explain what I should know about my account!

Marcia, Nevada

I feel like I hired an expert Amazon Business Consultant!  Is there a certification program for that?!?!

Roger, Georgia

I’ve been selling for a while now on a few platforms and still took away a ton of information from this (e-book). Scott truly hit a home run with this one!

Ken, New Jersey