How to Fix Problems with Your Amazon Account

How to Fix Problems with Your Amazon Account

After recent United Airlines customer service debacles, it is refreshing to see a major company get it right the first time.


The Honest Company did exactly what Amazon expects sellers to do.

They took ownership of problem and took immediate action along with offering a sincere apology.

They investigated to determine the root cause, and implemented protective measures.

They improved production quality and and cleaning methods.

They created a system to identify and track the affected products and gave consumers a way to look up batch codes.

By communicating directly, transparently, and effectively with their customers, they helped provide peace of mind.

Their approach to the problem strengthens consumer confidence in the brand and is indicative of their care and commitment to quality.


I have seen companies attempt sweep problems like this under the rug. They fail to acknowledge or address serious issues properly.

It is irresponsible and perhaps even reckless to let an issue of this magnitude go without proper resolution.


The Honest Company approached this correctly. Customers want to know that even if a company messes up, they can

be depended upon to make things right.


This is the type of service and commitment that all customers deserve and that Amazon requires.

Your operation should be guided by the same level of integrity and commitment.

You owe this to your customers, your employees, your vendors, and yourself.


You can do no less.


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