Hot Tip for Small Business Owners

If you are Small Business Owner, you should be taking advantage of the savings Amazon offers through their Business Buying Program.

You have access to negotiated pricing, tax savings, group buying, separate accounts, and more.

Enhancing your Business profile in Seller Central is great way to attract additional targeted visitors to your listings.

Amazon is actively promoting this program as they seek to gain more ground in the office supplies marketplace, as well as with government contracts.

That serves to benefit Sellers because of the focus and awareness Amazon is bringing to the program.

Here is the link to Amazon Business:

and to the negotiated pricing section.




How to Fix Problems with Your Amazon Account

After recent United Airlines customer service debacles, it is refreshing to see a major company get it right the first time.


The Honest Company did exactly what Amazon expects sellers to do.

They took ownership of problem and took immediate action along with offering a sincere apology.

They investigated to determine the root cause, and implemented protective measures.

They improved production quality and and cleaning methods.

They created a system to identify and track the affected products and gave consumers a way to look up batch codes.

By communicating directly, transparently, and effectively with their customers, they helped provide peace of mind.

Their approach to the problem strengthens consumer confidence in the brand and is indicative of their care and commitment to quality.



ecomsellertools - Can Your Company Survive Brand Gate 2.0?

Can Your Company Survive Brand Gate 2.0?

One of the biggest risks we face as Amazon sellers is the way Amazon controls which products we can and can’t sell. We are on the cusp of being impacted by their efforts to drive quality and protect the consumer through their major change, dubbed Brand Gate 2.0. This initiative merges Brand Gating with Brand Registry functions to significantly restrict which sellers can sell which products. We suspect the changes rolling out this month will also impact the way the IP Rights Holder complaints will be handled.

Do you need to learn more about Brand Gating and Brand Registry? Are you wondering if these potential changes will apply to you? Listen to this recent podcast on the subject between Scott Margolius and Robyn Johnson. It provides some background.

NOTE: We realize the rest of this post might be longer than what you have time to consume. If so, don’t spend time reading any further. Listen to the podcast above at 1.5x speed and if you find that information interesting or relevant then it might make sense to circle back and finish reading the rest below.



Amazon Brand Registry – Scott Discusses with Robyn Johnson

amazon brand registry

What is the Amazon Brand Registry? Scott Margolius joins Robyn Johnson for episode 170 of her podcast to discuss the Amazon Brand Registry – what the Registry is, and what changes are coming on Amazon.



In today’s episode, Scott Margolius of EcomSellerTools / Feedback Repair gives some significant modifications he anticipates regarding the Amazon Brand Registry and brand gating. He points out some expected changes that would make sellers act more like professional business owners and the right pieces of advice as retailers get started on Amazon to avoid the distressing situation of account suspension. Scott also believes that as some opportunities close to some people, there are so many new possibilities if you are able to readjust.

“You’re in the right place at the right time only if you’re doing the right things for the right reasons.” – Scott Margolius

This episode covers:

  • Changes on the Brand Registry and Brand Gating on the Seller Central site
  • Comparing the way Brand Registry worked in the past and the expected changes to come
  • How the new Brand Registry Terms of Service can be beneficial to Amazon sellers
  • Determining your budget and the price range you’re going to offer on the platform after adding all the necessary fees for trademark, copyright, licensing, and a lot more
  • Things you can learn from the big players and also what the big players can learn from the smaller ones
  • The single largest risk Scott sees for sellers
  • One of the biggest reasons why retailers are getting a lot of suspensions right now
  • Reasons why it’s important for Amazon to protect intellectual property, the platform, and consumers
  • Importance of building relationships as an authorized seller







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eCommerce Momentum Interview About Our Feedback Removal Service

amazon feedback removal serviceeCommerce Momentum is Stephen Peterson’s podcast about selling on eBay and Amazon. His interviews focus on the THREE P’s: People, Products and Process. In Episode 30, Stephen interviews Scott Margolius about his Amazon feedback removal service:

  • why looking deeper into the details of your Amazon seller feedback and account health is important for ALL sellers
  • how to proactively keep your Amazon seller account healthy
  • why Scott Margolius’ feedback removal service and expertise can help you
  • why you should pursue all counterfeit claims aggressively
  • how to approach different Amazon departments, why you need to understand their roles and functions
  • and much more

Listen to the full eCommerce Momentum Episode 30 below:

Actual results in Stephens Amazon account after Scott’s intervention:

feedback removal service




eCommerce Momentum Interview About eBay and Amazon

ecommerce momentum

eCommerce Momentum is Stephen Peterson’s podcast about selling on eBay and Amazon. His interviews focus on the THREE P’s: People, Products and Process. In Episode 144, Stephen interviews Scott Margolius about:

  • why having a good eBay account is worthwhile
  • how to deal with changes made by Amazon which are outside of your control
  • why it’s important to diversify and create revenue streams from as many sources as possible
  • planning for the future
  • how to create a business that has potential for sale
  • and much more

Listen to the full eCommerce Momentum Episode 144 below: