Author - Scott Margolius

“All I can say is– some of the best money I’ve spent this year”

A friend recommended Feedback Repair and I had two fresh ‘not as described’ going into Q4.  We operate a pristine business and they were both untrue.  My sales were definitely affected–as soon as they came in, they dropped by 50%.  I purchased a Feedback Repair and Scott was immediately responsive, and he submitted fixes right away.  Then he found a third from some time ago that I hadn’t really paid attention to and fixed it right there while we were talking. He explained how that one was actually a bigger problem than the one I had brought to him.  The next day I woke up and we had our best sales day EVER, and I looked and sure enough both of those feedbacks had been removed.  Everyone is so surprised when I say our sales were affected so deeply and immediately but they were– both negatively and positively.  All I can say is– some of the best money I’ve spent this year.   I also feel really comforted knowing this service exists now and that I can immediately get a really nice person to give knowledgeable help when we need it. – Marie, Tennessee


“painless and by far one of the best investments”

I HIGHLY recommend Scott at Feedback Repair. He was able to get all of the negative feedbacks removed from our account in less than 24 hours. As he said himself, we had some tough ones. I am more than impressed, dumbfounded actually. I would have been happy to get some or most of them removed, but he got them ALL removed. He far exceeded my expectations – it was painless and by far one of the best investments of money since beginning our business. I won’t hesitate to use him again – but hopefully we won’t have to! – KD, Maine


“After being suspended by Amazon…”

After being suspended by Amazon, we contacted Scott with Feedback Repair through a referral from a respected source.  Scott quickly scheduled a phone discussion to assess the causes of our problem with Amazon.  An appeal letter was crafted the following day, addressing each of the specific reasons for our suspension and detailing proposed corrective steps.  Best of all, we were reinstated two days after submitting our plan to Seller Performance.  Thanks a million to Scott for assisting us in saving our business. – Jerry, TX