How to GET SUSPENDED from Amazon

How to GET SUSPENDED from Amazon

I realize this post is a bit ironic and somewhat comical, but you would be amazed how many sellers actively do these things thinking they will not suffer the consequences.  If you are trying to get suspended by Amazon (which I know you are NOT), you will want to do one, or several of, the following things.

*Do the bare minimum.  Selling on Amazon is actual work, and you must be willing to pay attention to the details on an hourly basis. If you are not willing, you will not be selling for long!

*Don’t pay attention to your account regularly. Sounds obvious, right?  But even if you are 100% vested in FBA, this is not a set-it-and-forget-it business model. Customers and inventory will need regular attention!

*Think you are invincible because of short-term success. I have seen this one countless times. Amazon selling is volatile, and if you are not intentional, your short-terms profits can disappear in a matter of moments.  

*Prioritize profits over Amazon policy. Overcharging is a quick way to land on Seller Performance’s radar.  

*Think you have total control of your account health. Control every variable you can. But inevitably, because Amazon is not a perfect system, you will encounter issues outside your control. Plan for this.

*Cut corners on product condition. Don’t sell items that are new if they are not. “Damaged, but still new” is a fast ticket to buyer complaints.

*Rush when packing shipments. The time you save rushing through the packing process will be lost when faced with the problems this approach causes.

*Approach your Amazon business as a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are looking to make a fast buck, Amazon is not the place to do it in 2021.

*Fail to get permission to sell your products from the manufacturer/authorized distributor.  If you fail to do this step, you are open to IP complaints.

*Submit a fake invoice for ungating. Almost all ungating services will give you fake invoices. Though it may be a cheap, fast option it is not worth losing your business over. Invest in a legitimate ungating service, or contact me for help.

*Fail to respond to Amazon when they ask for a Plan of Action. Ignoring direct communication from Amazon will only result in a loss of selling privileges.

*Fail to be absolutely certain all of the information on your account matches the information on your vendor invoices. It can be easy to forget to double check this, but it will cost you in the long term.

*Fail to thoroughly read a product detail page before listing. Amazon listings often contain errors and fine print most sellers don’t catch in their desire to list quickly. This can lead to suspension faster than you think.

The point: don’t think you are invincible.  Plan for stormy weather and famines, because they are a reality in this business. Run a tight ship and spend extra time on the details, because not only will that save you time and hassle in the future, it will also help fireproof your business.  

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